Monday, September 21, 2009

School has started

Well school is back in session. Which is really weird that I have a kid in school, which is a whole new experience for me. Trystan is in 5th grade a Wilcox elementary. He is also in football this year. We run from school to home to football and back to home. Our afternoons are crazy busy these days. Gary's business is going good. We added a new contract to the mix. He now has three employees and two trucks one Pocatello and one in Twin Falls. We have been a week into the new contract, it is a little scary. We have had some trials and some chances for learning. Lets just pray that future weeks go a little smoother. It is teaching Gary a lot about patience and understanding. We have two really great employees and one questionable one. It has brought on a missionary experience and many other blessing. I just hope the blessing out way the trials. The little kids are doing really good. Rylee is turning out to be a super sister she is learning how to share and how to handle situations where all she wants to do is hit. Dalyn is almost two and learning how to talk. It is fun to watch him learn how things work. He has learned so much in the last little while it is a miracle. All and all life is busy and stress but really good.

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  1. It's about time you updated your blog! Life is a little different with older kids huh? Every afternoon when school gets out the fun begins. I can't believe how many miles I have been putting on the car taking the kids to their activities.